Celebrity Hairstylist Stylist Lee's Famous strand by strand technique "Micro Links" Micro Links Hair Extensions is the Best Hair Extension Method and most realistic extensions in all the weave applications. Micro beads also known as i-tips are extremely safe and glue-less free. Micro links are great for adding length, density, texture, and highlights. I-tips Ideal for adding color, without chemically altering your natural hair . Book a consultation with Stylist Lee Hair Studio to see if this service is great for you ! Micro link service can price range from $1300 to $2000 . Curly hair micro links are best performed on hair types 2c hair type to 4a hair type.

I -Tip Hair Extensions

The trend of micro link extensions is also known as loop hair extensions , keratin tips, and cold fusion method. It has an innovative approach in the application of hair extensions that have caught the eyes of many. What makes the micro hair links unique and interesting are the micro links small beads which serve as links that connect the hair extension to your hair.

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Featured Products 

Premium Human Hair for the most Realistic Installation 

European I-tips 


12inch   79.99 each

16 inch  $99.99 each

20 inch  109.99 each 

51 different colors to ensure a perfect color match sold in 50 strands per pk

Curly I-tips 

16 inch  $76.94 each

18 inch  $86.94 each 

20 inch  $99.94 each 

Only comes in natural black and sold in 25 strands per pk



Every woman desires beautiful flowing natural looking hair extensions that turn heads. 

Long, thick, healthy, and shiny hair are just some of the hair goals we all desire to achieve. Adding hair extensions is something that many women find comforting and unique way to deal with their hair problems. Some look for hair extensions to help their natural hair grow and make it stronger. Some seek volume and thickness, some only want length but overall, it all comes down to improving the overall beauty of an individual.

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Celebrity Hairstylist Stylist Lee Famous strand by strand technique "Micro Links" This service is extremely safe and glue-less. Great for adding length and density. Also ideal for adding color, without chemically altering your natural hair  Book a consultation to see if this service is great for you ! Micro links, I tips, Hair extensions , Best Los Angeles Micro links, I tips, Fusions, Tape hair extensions , Micro Links, Tape hair extensions, Black hair salon , Stylist Lee is the Los Angeles micro links hair salon 

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Stylist Lee is a Trained Certified Cinderella Extension Specialist.

If you've always lusted after long hair, want to create a certain look or just need some extra volume, then Micro link (I-tip) Extensions can help.

Stylist Lee Famous strand by strand technique "Micro Links" using I-tips are attached with a small copper tube  by clamping a small cluster of your hair meticulously placed to assure the integrity of your hair while providing a very natural flowing tress. The installation process can take from 6-8hours depending on your density and head circumference. The process is extremely safe as it doesn't require any heat nor glue. Micro links are not just great for adding length but density, and ideal for adding color, without chemically altering your natural hair  Book a consultation to see if this service is great for you!

Average person usually installs 200-300 links (*varies from person to person 

Micro Link Consultation with Celebrity hairstylist Stylist Lee


Inform yourself on micro - links by watching video above and reading this page. Then schedule a consultation with Stylist Lee. 

Step 1 >


On consultation day, arrive with hair clean and free of extensions. Thereafter, Lee will go over your hair health, hair color, length that's suitable for your lifestyle, up keep (maintenance) and cost.

Step 2 >>


After consult is complete you will place your hair extension order with Stylist Lee. You will then select your appointment date for installation.

*Installations are not done on the same day of consultation.

Step 3 >>>


$7 per strand 

Cost of extension hair is not included.

Micro Links (I-tips) includes precise placement and hair shaping. 


*Each link is precisely measured to the perfect amount of hair strands based

on density and follicle diameter. this will alleviate strain on the hair. 

Care Maintenance 

$150 - $200

Shampoo and micro link adjustment  


*This service is suggested every 3-4 weeks 


$100 - $150

Micro links are removed one by one with care.

* Removals are only for micro links that were installed by Stylist Lee Hair Studio

Labor Fee

I-tip Hair Extensions Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the hair come from?
The best quality 100% human hair comes from India or Europe. 


Can you match my hair color and texture?
Yes. The hair comes in almost every color and a few textures. Colors are typically blended for the most beautiful effect.

Do I need a consultation?

Yes, a consultation is required to decide if this service is right for you and to answer your questions. During the consultation, your stylist will analyze your hair to determine the color, type, and quantity of extensions you will require to achieve your desired look.

Can extensions be applied the same day as my consultation?

Hair extensions are customized to match the color and texture of your hair. In addition, extensions are custom ordered for the length you desire and the method of application that will be best for you. It is not possible to stock the infinite number of options that are available. Once you find your match, your stylist will order your extensions and accept payment for the hair (but not the labor). Typically, your installation appointment is scheduled a couple of days after your consultation to allow time for the hair to arrive.

Can I skip the consultation if I've had micro links from a previous stylist?

If you are unable to schedule a consultation you will not be able to receive micro link service, regardless if you've had them in the past. Stylist Lee requires all customers to have a detailed client profile on file before receiving a micro link installation.

What is the process of their installment?


The micro links are extra small and are applied on your natural hair, strand by strand, with a special application tool. They are the connection between the natural hair and the extensions. What is good and unique about this technique is that the hair does not have to be braided down before the application of the extensions. There is also no use of glue or thread.


What are the benefits of installing micro hair links?


The final look after installing the micro link hair extensions is natural-looking hair – something that is very hard to achieve with many different types of hair extensions. Their beauty comes from the appearance they provide when combined with the natural hair. The tiny strands and the tiny links are almost invisible and they can start as high as the roots. They can last from 3 to 5 months, which certainly depends on your hair growth cycle and how you care for your hair.

What are some other reasons people get micro links?

Great for events like Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries,Pageants  and many more!!

How long does the process take?
The time varies depending on the desired look, density, and circumference. It can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on many factors including, length, color, quantity, and the condition of your hair. Installation typically range from $950 to $2000. There are many factors that can impact the overall cost. This will be discussed fully during your consultation. As your extension hair will be custom-ordered for you, most stylists will charge for the hair when it is ordered.

Is it normal for some of my extensions to come out on their own?
It is inevitable that, over time, some of your extensions will loosen and/or come out. With the right aftercare and regular maintenance, your extensions will last longer. Stylists will often put in a couple of extra extensions to compensate for those that may be lost. If you wear micro-bead or tape-in extensions, you may keep this hair to be re-attached during your next appointment.

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