Can i get a consultation & service done in the same day? 

Unfortunately no, Consults are done on separate days as we cant predict how long your service will be that we will finalize on. This helps to better time manage everyones appointment.


Is hair included in full sew in or Lace closure service?

No, hair is sold separately and must be reserved by payment before your appointment date. Shop hair at www.stylistlee.com

How much hair should I buy?

For a natural looking install 8 oz of hair or 8oz of hair and a closure is recommended.


Can I get my hair extensions colored in the same day of install?

No, Color customization should be done 3 days before the initial appointment date. This can be arranged at www.styistlee.com >book now> weave color customization


Do you accept walk ins?

By appointment only


Do you only install hair thats bought from www.stylistlee.com?

NO, we install hair of your choice that you provide. However, we are not responsible if your hair doesn't look like the styles located on Stylist Lee social media or websites as these picture consist of Stylist Lee Virgin Hair.

I have a emergency appointment?

This is only accepted based on stylist availability. Starting price is $500 NO matter if its (EX: just styling or traditional sew in) the first initial service and then every add on will be charged by base price. If needing travel, travel fee will be added into fees.


Can Stylist Lee Virgin hair be reused?

Yes, with proper hair care maintenance


How much does a Custom unit Cost ?

Custom wigs units start at $425 -up  , pricing can increase based on Hairstyle ,Cut, How many

bundles used , if you want custom color ..etc


How do I place my order ? 

Place your order by going to www.stylistlee.com and clicking on the Wig Bar  , request under the wig bar tab. Fill out form on what hairstyle you'll like , hair color and number of bundles your providing. Allow Stylist Lee 12hr-24hrs for response.


Is hair included with wig ?

No , hair must be provided by the client . If you're an out-of-state client hair must be shipped to Shop  for your Wig order to go in production . However, if you would like me to supply the hair You can order Virgin Hair at Here. Notice must be given when placing your order if you desire getting a custom color for a custom wig .


Do I have to purchase expensive hair ?

No, I highly recommend that you purchase high quality hair ! Purchasing high quality hair will help with the integrity of your custom wig unit . You can purchase pure indian hair from Stylist Lee Hair Studio by Clicking Here


How long does Custom wig take ? 

Once your order has been placed and payment has been processed and hair has been retrieved your order will begin immediately from the time of hair (Bundle) retrieval . Production time is (2) weeks but not limited ... if you're looking for me to provide the hair you can order 100% Pure Virgin Hair from Click Here please leave that in the fill out form and I will contact you

Why does it take so long ?

Custom wigs are handcrafted by Stylist Lee and no other , for the best results allow (2)weeks for production time as other wigs may be  in production at that time.


What's the average amount of hair used to make wig ?

Every supplier is different , most wigs done by Stylist Lee are done with one lace closure and 8oz of hair extensions. If your looking to receive a U-Part 8 oz of hair is recommended .


How long will my Custom unit last ?

With quality hair extensions & with proper up keep and maintenance , all units have the ability to last 2yrs or more .

Do I pay after the Wig is finished ?

No, when placing your order for a custom wig, payment in full is needed  for wig to go into production  OR you have the option to to receive a invoice through squareup. Once  custom wig is completed it will be shipped immediately

priority mail.


Can I purchase the wig you were wearing ?

Most wigs that are displayed are Not for sale ; however there are some wig units that are for sale and will be displayed in the Wig Bar for purchase.


Do you ship ? 

Yes , we ship to all 50 U.S states and internationally pricing for shipping varies on location.





If you have any questions on maintenance for your custom wig ,  how to style or anything regarding your custom wig unit please visit my YouTube channel  www.youtube.com/user/StylistLee or you can email me personally at stylistleehairstudio@gmail.com